Governing Documents

In order to be a recognized homeowners association, the association must be a Florida corporation. To be official, the governing documents must be recorded with the Clerk of the County Court. The governing documents for Bella Costa can be found on this page and are the principal source for all the legal information about our association.

The order of precedence (hierarchy of which document overrides which others) is:

  1. Government laws (such as Florida Statutes),
  2. BC Declaration of Condominium,
  3. BC Articles of Incorporation,
  4. BC Bylaws,
  5. BC Rules & Regulations,
  6. and last is Robert’s Rules of Order, because we follow parliamentary procedure.

Note: Some documents are very large and may take a few moments to download/open.

Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes overrides any Bella Costa governing documents. In Florida, condominium association laws are derived from Statute 718. Commonly referred to as simply COA laws, these encompass everything from condominium association dues to board meetings and regulations. This also includes Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) documents, which are mandated by the Florida Statutes to supplement specific sections (e.g., budgets; elections).

Declaration of Condominium
Articles of Incorporation
Rules & Regulations

Note: The Rules & Regulations can also be found inside the “Resident Orientation Packet,” which summarizes the most important points.

Resident Orientation Packet
99-year Lease

When Bella Costa I and Bella Costa II condominiums were first built, it was subject to a 99-year lease. The current lease agreement expires in 2070.

Robert’s Rules (Parliamentary Procedure)

This section contains helpful information taken from Robert’s Rules of Order, especially as it applies to “small boards” (less than a dozen board members). Per Bella Costa Bylaws, our meetings follow Robert’s Rules of Order, current edition. For any interested homeowners, Robert’s Rules in Brief can be ordered from the National Association of Parliamentarians, whose website is here

The following are excerpts from Robert’s Rules of Order that are pertinent to Bella Coast. The first excerpt discusses that a board of directors cannot officially vote by phone, email, etc., but must vote at a regularly noticed board meeting. The second excerpt dicusses meeting rules as they are applicable to a small board such as ours.


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